Wholesaling of best quality wedding dresses

It is always important to enlist the support of a reliable partner for the prosperity of business. If you want to give a good account of yourself in the world of wedding dresses, you just can’t save on quality.

The surest way to successful business is wholesale purchase of wedding dresses directly from the manufacturer. In this case, you get several benefits, which are the highest quality products and warm partnership with our salon.

Especially for our regular customers a transparent and convenient loyalty system has been developed. It allows to buy wedding dresses wholesale on the most favorable market conditions. Regular updating of our collections allows you to adjust to the extremely fast change of fashion trends.

The widest range of dresses is presented in our salon so you could make the successful choice and choose outfits for even the most fastidious clients.

In order to make sure, check the catalogs of our models that were designed for you.

They allow to see the dresses in the smallest details, namely the subtleties of trimmings and fittings, pleats on dresses and all the beauty of play of textures and their combinations in articles.


Each model of wedding dresses is thoroughly designed to the smallest details. The quality materials and patterns ensure a perfect fit of articles.


If you want to know the ordering details for the wholesale purchase of wedding dresses in Ukraine, you can call us or simply fill in the ordering form.

We will be glad to cooperate with you.

Advantages of wedding dresses from Salon Ivetta

Large and small

Every customer is absolutely important to our salon. It is here that you can make a wholesale purchase of cheap wedding dresses on excellent conditions. A developed discount system allows us to offer favorable conditions of cooperation to any client. In Salon Ivetta you can purchase items in large and small wholesale. This will allow you to update the range of retail shops and salons quite often. Every girl deserves a perfect dress without any doubt.

Quality is higher
than the prices

We represent only the highest quality products. Buying wedding dresses wholesale is a great responsibility for the customer. The success of your business is our pride and appearance.   All customers that have made purchases in our salon continue working with us in future.   In Salon Ivetta you can buy wedding dresses wholesale. Our range is updated regularly. The range allows you to choose a wedding dress, regardless of what you want to buy either it is a refined classic dress or the latest trend outfit. We combine different textures and use complex cutting and many techniques. That is how the incredible effects are created.   Few people believe that really cheap wedding dresses can be so beautiful and perfect.

Best service

We have an individual approach to each client service. If you buy wedding dresses wholesale in Ukraine for the first time, you will be satisfied with the quality of our models and purchase support in our salon. We give an advisory opinion about each model. Knowing the advantages of the selected models will make your choice more confident. All customers participate in our loyalty program. In addition, there are discounts and many pleasant offers and surprises.

The perfect outfit is the key to success in wholesale site

What does "the perfect dress" mean for the bride? As a wedding dresses manufacturer we know the issue better than anyone else. The comfortable dress is the paramount parameter that influences the decision to the greatest extend.

The insurance of a good celebration is a beautiful and comfortable wedding dress, which will emphasize the beauty, ease and femininity.

Buying wedding dresses from the manufacturer in Ukraine, you will be flawless!

We maximized the use of natural materials, comfortable lacing and buckles for the corsets so that the bride could just forget about everything during the celebration. Every pleat and every centimeter on the skirts and hem are thoroughly designed.

Ideal designed cutting allows you to feel in uninhibited way: dance, take part in a wedding photo shoot and just enjoy the holiday!

High-quality decor and fittings give confidence in every movement and gesture.